A single man
is walking down the alleys
and he has empty hands

The rain falls
and the night has no stars
but he can see the lights
in the puddles

These are candles
lit from behind the windows
to illuminate his path

They glow weak
and are not affected by the winds
that bring the scent of dust

The single man
tries to clear his vision
and seeks his guidance
in the distant barks of dogs

Through the streets
he follows a shadow
his own shadow
and covers his head
and keeps walking
one step at a time

He feels lonely
but has no fears
his heart is strong
and the future is near

The single man walks
just walks
and leaves the past
and faces his doom
with his bare hands
he fights forward

Marcos Arthur Escrito por:

Inquieto. Curioso. Companheiro da Marina e pai do Otto. Ultramaratonista. Facilitador de aprendizagem. Sócio-fundador na 42formas. Escritor amador. Eterno aprendiz.

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